How to find new music

We all have to pick and choose which of our interests we spend our time pursuing.  I am fortunate that I now have a lot time to spend finding music I like.  I am normally on a computer many hours each day, and unless I am doing something that requires  all my limited brain-power, such as programming or reading a highly technical paper, I am listening to music in the background.  I have stations setup on Pandora and certain genres I tend to listen to with Songza.  But these are both fairly passive methods of listening and don’t necessarily get you to new music.  Normally I have a  TV cable news station on in the background for an hour or two per day; sometimes the music in an advertisement will catch my musical interest and I will try to catch a few of the lyrics and check them on the web.  This is how I found the Orwells, a young rock band from Chicago.

In the late spring through early fall recently, Youtube and others have simulcast a lot of music festivals that can clue you into what is current.  I have often come across these accidentally while doing other web-based activities.

More active methods might include 1) periodically looking at the Album of the Year site on the internet which currently has 100s of albums ranked by genre for 2005-2015; going to KEXP, a Seattle FM radio station and listen to their live stream or browse their live in-studio performances list which has a ton of good bands.  Just about every band that plays Seattle makes an appearance; 3) browse Youtube.