Slowing it down just a bit…

I first heard this song today (artist: Matthew E. White) and listened to it several times.  It is different, has nicely integrated (and soulful) background singers and horns, and the singer has a unique voice.  I listened to a few more of his songs and liked the jazz influences he included, although most of the songs were a bit slow tempo for my tastes.  The horns were somewhat reminiscent of a late 60s – early 70s band I liked called Sons of Champlin.  Then I started listening to the words and noticed that nearly all of his other songs have what I call, “god-bothering” lyrics. Sorry, but unless you are Van Morrison (Sweet Thing: live 2008 and original from 1968; bonus cover from Hozier) and only do this a little bit it is a deal-breaker for me.  Keep it in your church, or market yourself as a religious singer.

Maybe his new album called “Fresh Blood”, due in March, will minimize this tendency.