Rock Band The Parrots from Spain

Yay garage rock!  A lot of good bands come from across the Atlantic, but it seems that few except the English bands make much of an impact in the US.  Maybe someday I will make a list of some that I’ve come across that I like, which include bands like Iceland’s Kaleo and Twopointeight from Sweden (The latter’s gravel-voiced lead singer Fredrik Erikson has released a new album, so they may have split) .  But right now I am going to link you to a YouTube list of songs for The Parrots from Spain.  They really seem to capture the early to mid-60s garage feel on a lot of their songs.  I especially recommend  the songs off 2016 album, Los ninos sin miedo… don’t worry, mostly in English.  For example, check out the jangly guitars and dylanesque tone of 2016’s “The road that brings you home“. If you like King Kahn and BBQ Show you should like the Parrots.