I am Nick.  Like many people who came of age in the late 1960s, my life has revolved around rock ‘n’ roll music… all the rest is rather picayune details (not really – family is very important).  I started listening to teen popular music in the mid to late 50s on the radio, and have been listening widely ever since.  I am told that while very young I used to dance to the Hank Williams tunes that drifted through the floorboards up to our apartment above a tavern in Virginia where my dad was stationed with the US Navy.  To this day, the only country music I like is Hank, and Patsy Cline, and maybe a little Willie Nelson.

In this blog I will make an attempt to post links to recent bands that I think are excellent purveyors of what I consider good rock and roll.  I will also post links to high quality current blues and soul  bands/singers when I find them.  My bias is toward garage rock, punk, and rock ‘n’ soul.  Mostly faster tempo music or “from the gut” music that makes me feel like I am back in the 1963-1970 era.   I appreciate any input on bands (many, I am sure) that I might miss.  The main reason I am doing this is in response to all the  30 to 60 year olds who think that rock died whenever it was that they left high school or college.

An old adage says “You are what you were when…”  The “when” is usually defined as one’s adolescence.  It is true that from the age of about 12 to 18, or so, our musical tastes are pretty well defined for life.  So it is natural that whatever music we were constantly listening to in our rooms, in our cars, with our friends, and at parties and dances, will have a lasting impact as being “the best of all possible worlds”.   After the age of 18 or 22, most of us simply don’t have the time to listen to music for many hours per day.  Mundane activities like work and families and other pursuits fill our available time.   We are lucky if we can listen an hour each day in our commute to and from work, and then we are at the mercy of the increasingly “narrow” play lists of most pop music radio stations.  Finding quality music takes time and effort.  I hope this blog will help do just that.

For any interested, I have created a database of my vinyl holdings (some CDs, etc. for specific artists I collect) at Discogs.  Please note that some of these I have “inherited” and would never actually buy myself.


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